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About Us

About Franchisetorget

Franchisetorget was founded in 2009 with the business idea of building the knowledge of Franchise and, through different physical events, creating a solid network of potential candidates that wants to start their own business.

Since 2009 we have completed over 300 events across Sweden where +14000 potential candidates have met approx. 500 franchisors. During all these years we have built up a solid network of active candidates that now wants to start their own business as franchisees.

Franchisetorget offers a broad range of services where our core-business, except from recruitment is to develop both potential and existing franchisors to further growth and profit.

Some examples of our core-services that we are happy to offer.


Through our strong network of potential franchisees, we would like to be your local partner and ambassador to adapt your brand into the Swedish market.

Based on your individual needs we can offer tailormade solutions for either lead generation for prospects or full-service recruitment of franchisees. We can of course also support with recruitment of Master franchisees or Area developers across Sweden.

Property search

We are cooperating with the leading expertise in the Nordics that can support with

  • Market-analysis across all the Nordic markets
  • Benchmark of property-costs across the region
  • Property search, acquisitions and lease-negation
  • Portfolio management
  • Contract-management, Tender summaries and Shop fit through local partners.
  • Etc