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  • Startades: 1968
  • Omsätter: 270 Mkr
  • Antal FT: Idag är vi 4 retail och 3 franchise
  • Esprit är ett globalt lifestyle varumärke med både retail och wholesale.
  • Ledigt distrikt: Hela Sverige
  • Bransch: Handel
  • Län: Alla
  • Egen insats: Upp till 2 000 000:- (Mer info)
  • Status: Ny enhet

Om oss

Esprit was the world’s first lifestyle brand, founded in San Francisco by Doug and Susie Tompkins in 1968.

Esprit was unbounded by the rules of fashion and challenged conventional thinking.

Sustainability is in our DNA and still one of Esprit’s core brand values – we aim to be entirely sustainable by 2023!

We look forward to working with you, and together deliver the Joy of Esprit.

Vårt koncept

Esprit offers

•             Outstanding value for money products

•             Wide range of inspirational and sustainable styles

•             Large and loyal customer base

•             Strong and relatable brand name


Esprit consists of 3 different product divisions for men and women; Casual, Collection and EDC.

Our talented designers keep quality and sustainability as main focus while delivering wearable essentials with the iconic Esprit look.


Esprit: Radical positivity, Loving our customers, Quality always

With our rich history, our international brand name and top quality sustainable products,

we are excited about accelerating. And we would love to have you on board as our new franchise partner,

and to share the Esprit journey going forward.

Franchisetagare berättar

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Visste du att...

Vi har använt fibrer från bomullsplantan  i över 5 000 år för att tillverka klädesplagg.


Namn: Lina Selin, Franchiseansvarig
Huvudkontor: Stockholm
Tel: +45 52 15 04 26

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